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A Blog....Really?

Some of you probably remember Blogs from the earlier internet days. I had one back in the beginning of my artist journey. The beginning of the Mealy Monsters conception. In fact, as crazy as it sounds it is still out there.

If you have any interest in seeing and reading my past endeavors, you can find it here.

Blog post from 2016

Some of you may have noticed that once Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram emerged, blogs became less of a thing. I am guilty of this, I put my energy into those platforms and stopped "blogging" This is not working for small businesses anymore.

Some of you may have also noticed that for small businesses, like mine, Facebook and Instagram are no longer working. I have watched them change, hide my posts from followers unless I try the newest, whatever, they are trying to push. Stories, threads, reels..... I CAN'T KEEP UP. They are now catering to content creators. That is not me. I just want to share my art and then go back and make more art. I feel like I am hitting a brick wall with my current approach to sharing my work. It is time to pivot....back to blogging?? Might as well try! This is where I am at. Maybe this will work, maybe not, but I know that what I am currently doing is no longer working.

I have already pulled back from Instagram and Facebook. I just don't see the point in posting if they only show my posts to 0.01% of my followers. (says my stats) It seems like a waste of time.

Guess I am blogging again!

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